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The book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is a story mainly about how an older man named Tom was treated as a slave. It also included other slaves and their stories as well. It showed how things worked much differently in the South than in the North. Upton Sinclair’s story “The Jungle”, is about a couple from Lithuania who moved to Chicago in search of a better life. Their wedding fest caused them to be more than a hundred dollars in debt, so Jurgis suggests that he will work harder to make more money. Little did he know, Packingtown, the center of Lithuanian immigration, and Chicago’s meatpacking industry, is a filthy place where it is not easy to find a job. The two stories have quite a few similarities. Stowe and Sinclair’s books both have a leading male protagonist. The main characters Tom and Jurgis are also men looking for work. The two men go through similar family struggles. They both do not get to see their families much, if not ever. Many people around…show more content…
Jurgis gets to choose what he does. On the other hand, Tom does not get to choose anything. He is a slave because it is his life. He has no rights because people do not see him as a human being, they see him as property. Jurgis is not bought and sold between people, whereas Tom is. Tom also does not have to support a family like Jurgis does. He only has a wife to care for while they both work for their slave-owners. Jurgis has to care for his children and his wife. Jurgis ends up losing his son and runs away to find work elsewhere and abandons his family. Tom sees the little girl die but he has to deal with it because he has no other choice, he cannot run away or else he would be punished. Jurgis does not seek God in his hard time but Tom seeks God throughout his entire life. Tom urges people to come to know

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