Speech For The Women's Rights Convention Of 1851

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When I first read this speech, I became curious as to what sparked the author’s rage. At that time, the negroes and women were oppressed and sold to slavery. It turns out that the text is a speech for the Women’s Rights Convention in the year 1851. The real name of the author is Isabelle Van Wagenen. The author stated her stand in the issue with a powerful stance and it made the text more interesting to read. The elements used in the speech are evident. The tone of the writer is, of course, strong and a bit powerful. Her past experiences made her speech stronger and the punctuations used made the speech powerful. It is as if the speech was more of a “rant” to those who didn’t respect women and black people. What Wagenen used in this speech is the first person point of view. This type of point of view fits the speech perfectly. It dealt more on the feelings and experiences of Wagenen, that is why the speech made from her own perspective is a good thing. She clearly reasoned out what she felt and what she experienced. The speech, in reality, wasn’t just for herself, she also spoke for everybody in that time who experienced such things. This made the whole speech powerful yet amazing to read.…show more content…
Wagenen imposed statements - as if it is an oppressive expression said by certain persons listening to her while the speech is being delivered - then argumented on it. She stated her reasons as to why those things should not be thought of anymore. Also, she kept repeating the question “Ain’t I a Woman?” throughout the text. Exclamation and question marks were placed almost everywhere in the text in order to add more expression. Based on the speech itself, the level of language used is informal. The author made the speech merely from her emotions regarding the topic and it is
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