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Cleanse the Toxins in Your Fat Cells and Stop Being Swollen and Fat Our bodies have a natural ability to eliminate the harmful toxins. However, too much toxins enter our bodies, so our bodies cannot perform their function in the right way. Severe health problems appear when our organs become overloaded. The two types of toxins that are found in the body are water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins. The blood stream and the kidneys eliminate the water-soluble toxins. However, the second type of toxins is troublesome. The most common toxins of the second type are environmental chemicals, plastics, heavy metals, pollutants, pesticides, food additives and preservatives. The body can eliminate these toxins only when the convert into water-soluble toxins. These toxins…show more content…
These problems are: elimination troubles, stiff joints, excess abdominal fat, headaches, bloating, hypersensitivity, skin irritation, tenderness, itchy sensation, swollen limbs and swollen breasts especially in women during the menstrual cycle. Elimination Stress and unhealthy diet can seriously affect your health especially the bowel movement and the elimination of toxins. Stress can dry out the mucus membranes in the intestines which can cause constipation and production of reactive mucus. Excess mucus will make the stool normal, yet this does not mean that you are healthy. You will also be bloated and the stool may be loose. If you notice mucus in the stool, you have to do something. If the problem is not solved the fat toxins will not be eliminated. This will affect the health of your intestines and the normal immune response. The toxins will reach the liver again eventually. Stress in not the only factor that causes this problem. Acidic pH levels, food additives, carbonated drinks, processed foods and coffee can also contribute to this health issue. The toxic fats’

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