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LOVE THE COWBOY THE GENTRY: CINCO The Gentry: Cinco (Love with a Cowboy) is a translation of a novel written by Linda Conrad. This novel tells the story of an owner of a large ranch in Texas, as well as an online security expert named Cinco -Cinco Gentry-. Cinco because both parents died, Cinco forced to carry heavy duty enough to take care of livestock. It is not possible given to both his brother is Callon Aaron (17 years) and Abigail Josephine (12 years old). Cause of death unknown Cinco parents at all. According to the newspaper, father and mother disappeared while on a cruise vacation of a friend when the hurricane unexpectedly come. This causes trauma for them. Having lost. Hearing the news of his parents died, Cinco who was then 19 years old currently studying at a university (MIT) have no…show more content…
Security has been an area of expertise Cinco in recent years. He even tried to be the leader in online security business along with his friend Kyle. That morning, his business partner Kyle Sullivan called from San Angelo to ask for help. A new client in need of protection Cinco Ranch. The client is an old friend Kyle from the Air Force, named Frosty Powell. Not unexpectedly Cinco that clients brought Kyle is a woman. He predicted that Frosty is a man. As the lady first set foot, Cinco can see women with about 155 cm tall, smooth-skinned black pilot wearing glasses very serious expression. She stood erect while observing grounds and buildings in front of him. Kyle said Frosty need the protection of a Richard Rourke. Frosty as witnesses the murder of a general. With braided golden hair and blue eyes radiate energy. The attitude of the establishment gave the impression that he was able to protect yourself. The woman introduced herself Captain Meredith Powell, a former United States Air Force. When he met and shook hands directly why Cinco knew that he was worried

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