Essay On The Great Depression In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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[Lennie] said gently, “George… I ain’t got mine. I musta lost it.” He looked down at the ground in despair. “You never had none, you crazy bastard. I got both of ‘em here. Think I’d let you carry your own work card?” Lennie grinned with relief. (Steinbeck 6 and 7) The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck took place during the great depression on a ranch in California. Several of the characters in the novel appear to have a physical and/or mental impairment. The main characters, Lennie Small and George Milton, have the dream to have a better life. They go to a ranch where temporary work is available and hope they will learn the skills and get the money they need to help fulfill their dream. One of the characters with impediment in the book is Lennie. He can be described as having an intellectual disability. To…show more content…
Although most of the physical and/or mental impairments that several of the characters have in the novel can affect everyday life, they do not stop them from trying to pursue their dreams. Lennie likes to pet soft things including Curley’s wife’s hair which ultimately leads to death. In chapter 2 it is noted that Candy does not have a right hand. Curley’s wife is very lonely as shown in chapter 5 when she goes into Crooks’ room. Curley is the owner’s son and is intimidated by large guys as first seen in chapter 2. This paper discussed four characters and their impairments. Lennie had an intellectual disability and depended on George to help him get through life. Candy had no right hand was very aged and thought he would no longer be useful on the farm. Curley’s wife suffered with loneliness and tried to draw attention to herself when her husband was working on the farm. Finally, Curley was a small guy who desired to have power and control over his wife and other people around him. “They left all the weak ones here,” she said finally. (Steinbeck

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