How Did The Railroad Affect The Us

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Roads, canal, and railroads were all instrumental in the advancement everything in the U.S. Without roads, railroads, and canals it was hard to travel and transport goods anywhere remote of where they were. The three forms of transportation help everything grow immensely and was key to the evolution of everything. The transportations help the country grow a lot because people were able to travel, seek, and discover new things and places. I don't think I country would be as strong as or advanced if we didn't have these three forms of transportation. Railroads had a big impact on the U.S and it played a very important part to the change the U.S. had. Railroads which developed first in Britain created George Stepson began to appear in…show more content…
Railroads became really important because goods and resources were a lot easier to import and export across country, which allowed people to disperse. Railroads supplied cities and towns with food , fuel, building materials, and access to markets which your helps them thrive and prosper in great ways. The railroads had expanded the market of goods and also made the wider variety goods possible for people to obtain which helped old business' and companies flourish and new ones grow. As railroads we're built, they needed huge numbers of people to build them which lead to jobs. Railroads gave a lot people jobs and it helped the towns who lived near railroads excel. Railroads helped open new areas that people had never discovered or seen before. Railroads also made it a lot safer for the people who traveled by wagon or horses. People who traveled by wagon or horse were attacked, lost there way, and died from harsh weather. Also people who traveled by horse or wagon usually took a long time and carried low capacity. The transcontinental railroad played a huge part in the change in…show more content…
The nation’s canal network grew from 100 miles in 1816 to 3,300 miles in 1840. Canals were like the interstate highways at the time and created a transportation revolution in 19th century. Mostly built in the Northeast, canals provided efficient water transportation that linked farms to the expanding cities. The best known canal was the Erie Canal it ran 363 miles across New York State from Lake Erie to the Hudson River. Before this canal went into service, it could cost $100 or more to ship a ton of freight overland from the city of Buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie to New York City. The canal lowered that cost to just $4. Erie Canal helped make New York the nations great commercial center. Erie Canal was first transportation system between New York City and the western interior of the United States. New York City became the principal gateway to the West and financial center for the nation. Many settlers used the canal to travel to upstate New York and points farther west. This influx of people opened up new markets for New York City businesses. It also increased the financial and physical growth of cities along the canal route. The Erie Canal was also in part responsible for the creation of strong bonds between the new western territories and the northern states. The Erie Canal really helped transform the U.S. The Canal cut transport cost to about 95%. The populations grew in large

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