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In my mind, the movie North by Northwest is one of Alfred Hitchcock's most enjoyable films. It literally has every type of genre you can think of in this film - comedy, thrill, romance, mystery and suspense. It has a likable lead in Cary Grant, a dangerous, pretty blonde in Eva Marie Saint and super suave villain in the form of the great James Mason. It also has a wonderful script, spectacular set pieces and, from all the reviews I read a great score or a lot of stars for this movie. It is a true classic from the one and only Hollywood cinema. How has Alfred Hitchcock created this masterpiece? One of the most important things I saw in this movie was the way the director tells the story, also known as narration. There are two basic forms of narration I recognized in this film, restricted and omniscient. In most films, I feel the majority are omniscient narrations because viewers like us always know what…show more content…
It is adding suspense to the scheme - what we see as ignorance turns into a concern for Roger Thornhill and conjecture of Eve Kendall’s intentions. Who is she and what is her plan? Is she working for Phillip Vandamm and why is she working for him? Why is the government suspicious and concerned about him? We are kept engaged throughout this film and what is going on during most of it. Halfway through this film, comes one of the most historical scenes in this film. We know now that Eve Kendall is not to be trusted or believed so when she sets up a meeting with George Kaplan for Roger Thornhill, we can only suspect that this isn't going to end too well for Roger Thornhill. We see Mise-en-scene throughout this film North by Northwest. The elements of the film “put in the scene” of this film, can play a huge role in this movie. For example, the setting (America in the 50’s) is the perfect setting for a suspenseful type of spy Henson

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