Essay On The American Dream In The 1920's

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The American Dream is based on people’s want to be rich and famous. People want their name to be known in every household, and to be able to buy whatever they desire. Even after an accomplishment, people want more, because they feel that it is not enough. The American Dream goes back in history over one hundred years. Now and even back in the 1920’s an individual’s dream originated from the want to be a celebrity. The reasons society dreamt of wealth and fame in the 1920’s came from new inventions and the drastic increase in average household income. Through the escalating wages, people had the ability to purchase new goods, such as newspapers and films. “People across the country bought newspapers to read of the latest golf victory by champion Bobby Jones. “Big Bill” Tilden became the most famous player in tennis. And millions of Americans listened to the boxing match…show more content…
Some women show off their body and exploit themselves to achieve their dreams in life; even though women are also becoming very independent at the same time. Celebrity culture currently is attached to every part of our lives. Through social media, never-ending television shows (including “Reality T.V.”), and live performances celebrity culture is attached to every aspect of human life. When a celebrity has passed away, there is enormous coverage of it and their name is forever remembered. “Perhaps part of the lure of celebrity is the quest for a semblance of immortality, to be known during our lifetime 5and not forgotten after” (Celebrity Culture 1). When in their younger years, teenagers and kids wish to be some sort of professional athlete, beautiful singer, writer, or even an actor. When an individual is growing up they wish to be the highest most influential, and rich, but as one grows older, reality may set in for some, that they cannot go after the dreams that they want. The dream humans started out with was the American
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