Persuasive Speech About Macaw

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All MacawsAll Macaws is a family owned and operated Large Macaw breeding facility and specialty supply boutique, located in beautiful rural New Jersey. Our facility is completely closed to the public for the health and safety of our birds. Experts in the housing, care and feeding of these gorgeous birds, the owners Chris and Nick Petrosh, along with their wonderful daughter Stephanie Perri, breed some of the most beautiful, healthy and well socialized macaws on the market today. All of their babies are incubator hatched and lovingly handfed from day one. All Macaws is one of the few aviaries that…show more content…
The Blue and Gold would crack his own mixed in-shell nuts, but could not crack the macadamia nuts. The Blue and Gold would give the macadamias to Goliath and actually put the nut into the beak of this baby Hyacinth and wait for the him to crack the nut. Then the Blue and Gold would gently take the macadamia nut out of the mouth of the Hyacinth. Obviously those birds are good buddies!! Now, if you can trust your friend to crack your nuts for you, you are in good hands. I incubate hatch and handfeed from day one every 45 minutes around the clock with each one of my babies. With a schedule like that, with as many babies as we have, I naturally get very, very tired. But I love the macaws so much that I don't mind a bit. All birds are special, but the Large Macaws are very near and dear to my heart. When they are young, I carry them in baskets through the house with me. They all have their own toys and they get lots of play time. They watch tv and they have a particular fondness for children's shows due to the bright colors, intonation and music that usually accompany these programs.

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