Fukushima Earthquake Impact

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“In addition to causing tremendous of human suffering, the Great East Japan Earthquake (Geje) and tsunami March 11, 2011, and following by Fukushima nuclear incident, has a great impact on the Japanese economy. The disaster interrupted supply chains and trade, and industrial production fell sharply in the following months. Many of Japan's nuclear power reactors have been closed for safety checks following a nuclear emergency at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, causing electricity shortage in some areas in Eastern Japan. Visitor arrivals to Japan also fell after the disaster.” (Collins, 2011) The massive tsunami with 100 foots waves was pummeled Japan's northeastern shoreline and 9.0 Richter scales struck Japan’s east coast. Japan’s most effective…show more content…
The disaster has damaged their key ports and some of the airport in Japan. Moreover, they also disrupted the global supply chain of the semiconductor equipment and materials to others country. For our information, Japan’s manufactures 20% of world’s product including NAND flash, indispensable electronic part of Apple’s Ipad and they also supplies wing, landing gears and other major part of Boing’s 787 dreamliner. Their employee rate also decreases because of the triple disaster. Many manufactures were closed and amid warning of aftershock to come due to the disaster. There are many impacts on Japan’s economy such as their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), industrial production, labour market, Japan’s international merchandise trade, automotive industry, tourism industry and many more. The Fukushima nuclear incident has worsened the economic impact of the earthquake and tsunami. As example for the impact toward their economy, Japan’s market in tourism suffered considerably on concerns about high radiation levels. Graph 2 depicts the impact of the tragedy towards Japan’s tourism…show more content…
In the meantime, the fiscal cost of this tragedy to Japan has been cautiously estimated at $ 200 billion. Despite concerns about Japan's already high debt level, financial markets are likely to take a benign view of the Japanese government's reconstruction spending.”(Power Engineer,2013). On the other hand, the triple disasters give so many impacts toward the citizen. Around 20,000 people died in the tsunami incident which depict that many people lose their family, relative or even a friend. After the tragedy, more than 400,000 citizens calculated had been evacuated and many people had been displaced which they lost their homes and working places because about 138,000 buildings destroyed due to the tsunami and

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