Similarities Between Karl Marx And John Stuart Mill

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In this essay I will discuss the theories and accounts of freedom from the two perspectives of Karl Marx and John Stuart Mills and assess their propositions for the future societies to achieve the freedom of mind, rights, and decisions. The main source I will be referring to is by Paul Smart, “Mill and Marx: Individual liberty and the roads to freedom” (1991). John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx are undoubtedly two of the greatest thinkers throughout history and the philosophers are notably distinct and inspired similar visions of “individuality freedom” and “human emancipation”. For Marx and Mill the thought about “re-establishing the pre-eminent statue of freedom”(Smart Pg.1), Is a theory and a vision that relate to the ideals the two philosophers aren't in total agreement with, with the way the world is currently built but the both…show more content…
Both philosopher inspired similar visions of “individuality freedom”, so individuals could decide to do whatever they wish, and “human emancipation” which was a case during Slavery in America were majority of the African slaves were freed and later became citizens and fought for the civil rights, now in present day, Human emancipation would relate to imprisonment and other cases which relate to authority and loss of identity. The aspects that reflect on their theories to this modern time era would relate more to John Stuart Mill with his Individuality freedom theories has the superior view and having individuals represent themselves and make their own decisions throughout life as their freedom and just follow what one leader demands in a dictatorship, and with individual freedom comes benefits of a greater future with great potential as humans make progress with many innovations through creative

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