Essay On Primary Colors

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Cherry Chen Mr. Campbell Web Design Nov, 21th, 2014 In the theory, primary colors are the root of every other hue imaginable. In our common knowledge of primary colors, we only aware three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. While there are actually six different primary colors that divided into two different sets: additive primary colors and subtractive primary colors. Additive primary colors are the primary color of light, and the combination of light energy of the additive is a brighter color: red, blue and green. Subtractive primary colors of matter as pigments or inks, which the combination color is darker: cyan, yellow and magenta (sometimes for digital printings). Because color is a function of light, and each object reflect light differently, which our eyes will perceive a different color. Magenta is an extra-spectral color that means it not found on the visible spectrum of light and it cannot be generated by a single wavelength of light. It actually is a mixture of red and blue/violet light. In opposite way, spectral color is evoked by a single wavelength on visible spectrum of light. Traditional colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The tonal progression is a process of color mixtures from dark to light. It is generally…show more content…
The logo is what I draw from piece of paper and transferred to digital version. And I like the design of my logo, cute and funny. Folk and knife are the pictures where I found from internet, whereas the perfect size and shape is great for the design. What I want to modify is the plate and the words. First, the design of the plate is too simple without any art design. I want to redesign the plate in order to strike the viewers’ eyes. I may put some lace on the plate with different colors. Also the words in the design are too simple. I suppose to use various colors and 3D effects to design these
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