Emma Nuzzi Case Study

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I asked Emma Nuzzi what she thought her biggest accomplishment was, she replied with “I would say becoming a very good tennis player.” Emma Nuzzi started playing tennis at age twelve, which she thinks was a late age. When Emma was in the seventh grade she told her gym teacher that she wanted to play tennis she told her “Maybe.”, this did not encourage Emma at the time because her gym teacher was the varsity tennis coach. Emma did not let this get to her too much because she practiced and became the player that she is today. When she first started out she felt that she was out of shape and unconditioned. She practiced a bit before her first tryout and she made it on the J.V team. After she made it she practiced six days a week. Her first year she played second and third doubles. “It was hard cause [sic] I didn't even know…show more content…
She hopes that she gets scholarships for tennis. Emma plans on playing tennis during college and for the rest of her life. Currently, Emma is coaching elementary students, helping them become better players. Emma wants to continue coaching for some time but is unsure how long she wants to do so. Emma is excited to continue playing throughout her whole life. She hopes to move to Florida in a community with a tennis court. The only thing that may hold Emma back from moving to Florida is her fear of sharks, “I hate sharks, but I love to fish. Because I always fish there are sharks, a lot of times they eat my fish off of the pole, I'm scared of falling in.” Despite her fear, she loves Florida, even though it is infected with sharks. She hopes to start her own business that is focused on health and wellness. Emma doesn't think that marriage and kids are a priority, but if she finds the right person she would not be against it. She says that she wants one child and doesn't mind if they tennis or

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