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Paul Jackson Pollock, the Iconic Mural Artist 1912-1956 Paul Jackson Pollock is an American 20th Century artist that championed mural paintings. His artwork is a semblance of abstract expression. Pollock becomes famous for his unique type like drip painting. It was Pollock’s time that abstract expressionism, modern art, action painting and expressionism (see picture 1). Pollock was born in Wyoming, USA in 1912. He was the youngest of the five siblings. Jackson was born to parents of Irish and Scots-Irish descent. The father was a farmer and later become a land surveyor for the Ireland government. The mother was a weaver, who made and sold dresses while a teenager. In 1912, his parents brought him to San Diego, when Jackson was just ten months old. Jackson was brought up in Arizona and Chico, California. While California, he studied at Manual Arts High School, where he was expelled. Prior to this period however, Jackson had been expelled in 1928 from another art…show more content…
They would mean the dark side of life that perhaps due to the aftermath of WW 2, which involved the American people. I believe that the artwork is successful in influencing the lives of the people after the war that devastated the whole world especially of the American people. Pollock “Black Pourings’ simply shows the content of the heart of the artist as the dark side (alcohol dependency) has been conveyed into his art form, which is colored black and seems the lines do not have directions. Pollock and other Americans at that time felt uncertain of the future even after the war was over. It depicts in his artwork and the masterpiece itself helps Americans go back to reality when Pollock and other expressionists put now colors to abstract works. This simply shows applying colors to black murals signifies a gradual life returning to normalcy, and this is true to Americans during post war era (Pollock, My Painting,

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