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Time to Reconsider Polygamy Polygamists are multiplying on the screen. For those who are drawn in the polygamist lifestyle there is loads to watch. One of those television shows is TLC´s Sister Wives, starring the Brown family, including Kody Brown, his four wives and their 17 children. The main reason for the Brown family to take part in the show is to create more public awareness of polygamy and to battle existing prejudices. With the arrival of television shows about polygamy like Sister Wives, the debate around polygamy has grown. The most heard argument against the legalisation of polygamy is that “polygamy hurts women and children” (Keenan, 2013). This is one of the substantial misconceptions; there is no evidence that whatsoever that polygamy is unhealthy in any other way. The polygamous culture is not filled with violence and abuse, polygamy does not victimize woman and growing up in a polygamous family is not harmful for children. The current ban on polygamy is built on fear and misunderstanding of people who make different choices about their intimate relationships,…show more content…
Reports from polygamous communities often point to early and forced marriage, in which the institution of marriage serves as both a shield for, and a weapon of, sexist behavior, in polygamous communities. The practice of polygamy is not the root of the problem (Mack, 2011). “The exploitation of women is not inherent in polygamy” (Banks, 2013). As well as in monogamous marriages, as in polygamous marriage women can become victims. But when oppression and abuse happens in a non-traditional relationship, often the structure of that relationship is to blame (Penny, 2013). Women in plural marriage can also benefit from polygamy. There are obvious economic benefits, but there is also the matter of fertility, the division of household duties and taking care of children. It also allows for a woman to strive for her career, even with a child (Den Otter, 2009, p.

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