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A group of students walk at a debilitatingly slow pace as if they were the stars of a parade and the rest of the student body was following them for pure enjoyment. They do not realize, nor will they ever realize, the traffic they create and the irritation that arises when not a single person can pass by their leisurely stroll in the short five-minute passing period. As one of the most pressing issues in American history , slow walkers are a liability to society. Slow walkers inhibit education as they cause multitudes of students to be late to class, causing teachers to either reduce their teaching time or leave students who came in late behind. Not only teachers, but also other students are distracted when a student comes in late, causing a need for the teacher to take more time to refocus the class. Slow walkers also cause hallway “traffic,” where no students can move because slow walkers are walking at such a slow pace or they have stopped to talk to their friends and nobody can get around them to go to class. Because of the hallway traffic that is created, many students become frustrated that they can not…show more content…
Slow walkers may argue that they need to spend as much time as they can get talking to their friends in the hallway. However, to prevent other students from being late to their classes, students with roller skates can text their friends in class or talk to them at lunch. Second, students argue that they will take the roller skates off and carry it with them. However, the detectors will only register that a student is wearing their skates if there is weight being placed on the shoes, so the students have to wear the roller skates. Third, students argue that they will travel slow whether or not they are wearing the skates, but the detectors will also track speed to ensure that nobody is going too slow or too

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