Advantages And Disadvantages Of 5g

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What is 5G? Originally, 3G could not cope with the rise in demand for modern data usage. This resulted in 4G becoming the standard due to its capacity to maintain a constant base speed to deal with peak hour strains. However the standard is always rising in technology: A perfect example of how limited 4G is to the standards of today’s technology is the implementation of both a mobile loading for Netflix with streams the movies with lower data and then the offline download intended for a Wi-Fi connection to be watched later. Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant that is a driving force behind 5G research have stated: “5G will, however, make communications so fast they become almost real-time, putting mobile internet services on a par with office…show more content…
Because the cost of putting up mobile data masts is far lower than installing fibre optic cables, operators may well decide that 5G is speedy enough to be used to reach rural areas as an alternative to fixed lines. When can I expect to see 5G? The question that everyone is arguing about. 5G specs won’t be finished until 2018 at the earliest, and after that happens, manufacturers will still need to certify equipment for those new 5G specs. As stated before, 4G won’t stop being improved, there will be a huge push to advance the technology of 4G to help better understand how 5G will cope with the new stresses of customer demands, it is likely that phone companies will push advance 4G technologies as 5G to increase demand and likely to be seen around the 2020 timeline. So where do we stand now? 4G will have to improve over time to better understand the capability of 5G and therefore be better implemented on release. There is a lot of work that needs to be completed in order to begin the journey to 5G, including how to solve the problem of multi access to airwaves, relying on a mix of low, mid and high-band spectrum to deliver consistent

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