Essay On Parental Involvement In School

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Parental Involvement and School Performance- A Sociological Perspective In all of the above described aspects of schooling processes parental involvement is better in school D as compared to other schools. Only this school has developed different mechanism of parental involvement. It mainly consists of effective communication mechanism, formation of specific committees and meeting the parental aspirations. The school has developed effective communication mechanism to inform parents about what is happening at the school and to involve them in school programs. The school has kept detail information of parents through which they communicate. They give and check homework regularly. They inform parents even the students remain absent in school for a single day or present in school without homework. They invite parents before and after…show more content…
However parental involvement is closely related to effective leadership role of the headteacher. Forming different specific committees to involve parents and community groups, having vital school decisions on the basis of suggestions obtained from SMC, PTA and specific committees, assigning department authority to teachers, being transparent and accountable to parents and community members, meeting parental needs and aspirations etc were some of the important functions of the headteacher that has helped to create democratic school culture for greater parental and community involvement. The result suggests that effective leadership of headteacher is critical in creating school culture that foster greater parent and community involvement as well as school performance. The study concludes that school’s effort to involve parents’ foster strong parent-school relations that help to improve school performance. The implication of this study suggests that parental involvement practices should be formalized in school
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