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Sergio Galli Designs and Builds Green Custom Luxury Homes Sergio Galli Designs and Builds Green Custom Luxury Homes Serio Galli knows more than a little about showmanship and serving two disparate causes. Whether addressing the unusual dichotomy between Galli's interest in architecture and his career in a multiplatinum, multidecade rock band or his predilection for designing and building palatial, over-the-top mansions and his commitment to using low embodied energy materials in construction, Galli ignores the naysayers and follows his own vision. Galli's iron-willed determination led him to design and build custom luxury homes Sergio Galli Design Group Ups the Ante for Long-Term Energy and Water Savings Galli supports using geothermal energy in a big way, and in Canada, larger upfront investments can be quickly recovered. Geothermal heat pumps draw heat from deep within the earth during winter months and use similar technology to convert heat energy in the air to cool homes during the summer. Although the initial investment is high, custom-home clients seldom worry about the upfront costs. Virtually self-sufficient heating and cooling systems quickly recover their costs in energy savings while slashing carbon use.…show more content…
Other efficient landscaping and resource-saving features of a Galli home include: Planting trees on southern and western exposures for season warming and cooling benefits Planting grass species that require minimal irrigating and fertilising Harnessing geothermal energy and ambient heat for heating and cooling Treating wastewater with Bionest System Wastewater Treatment Solutions™ (BCM), a simple method that simulates natural processes to return wastewater to a potable

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