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Woof! Think back to when you could of speak in dog language. How is that possible ? What are you talking about? Are you crazy? What can make someone say something like this? Well reincarnation can be the answers to all these questions. Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. Reincarnation states that a soul of a human can be reborn into a body of any animal. Now if a human can really become a dog ,a cat, or even a cow, this could make the people more courteous towards the animal or for that matter, any living thing. Of course everything has rules and regulations, reincarnation is no exception. It contains one of the oldest rules do good and…show more content…
People can be reborn and even be able to remember their past live. The belief in reincarnation makes people to treat every living thing with respect, and make sense of all the suffering and injustice in the world, and belief that they can remember their previous lives. Believing in reincarnation would make people to take care of every living thing with admiration. As stated before reincarnation is the belief that a soul can be reborn into other bodies. Now this belief also mentions that a human soul can be reborn in an animal's body. Not only that but a soul has no nationality, gender, and race. A boy could of been a girl in the past life and a girl could of been a boy. People accept the fact that a human can be an animal , then they would see an animal as a potential human being. Then the people start to see how a human is not that much different for any other animal. Dr. Semkiw is an expert in reincarnation research, particularly reincarnation cases which demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation. In one of his many case he came upon of a boy who claims to be a snake before his current life. This boy claim to be killed in a incident, when he was a snake. " Dalawong remembered that he was in a cave when…show more content…
People beliefs that their souls are passed on to a new body after death. With this being said that means they could had multiple lives throughout the time. Now if one soul can get multiple lives then it will be able to remember one of its previous lives. Believers of reincarnation know they will live a lot of lives before their soul is finally mature to stop reincarnating . The amount of lives that one soul can have is still immeasurable, yet it hard to see how not can one soul remember one past life. There was a case where young boy name Ryan claim to remember who he was in his past life. Ryan made 64 statement of his past life and 63 statements were true. Then the reporter on this case investigate even and found something interesting. "Martyn was In fact born in 1903 and not 1905, meaning Ryan's statement--not his official death certificate-- was indeed correct"(Whitman). The 64 statement was in fact true so the boy Ryan name 64 statement of a person life that lived almost 100 years before he was born. There are other cases that show a person who can specifically describe a past life. When people start to hear these cases, they start to understand that it is possible so a soul to remember their pervious life. Of course it has to come back to the belief of re-embodiment , which say reincarnation is not instantly. Reincarnation can take up to many year for it to happen. Now if

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