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Law and criminality How is the law system different between countries? Do different law and criminality systems affect the development of a country? Every country should follow a specific set of laws to maintain peace and order in it and preventing often conflicts and problems amongst the people living there. Laws vary according to the type of government followed by the country, for sure a Monarchy has entirely different laws from a Democratic country, considering an example, in a Monarch country people do not have the right to protest against the government whereas, in a Democratic country, everyone can criticize and state their objections towards any decision taken by the government. Causes and consequences: Different laws are set up in each country according to the traditional, cultural and religious beliefs of the country. Traditions and cultures play an important role when it comes to determining what is…show more content…
From a personal perspective, I think that law is an effective factor when it comes to how developed a country is. Considering an example, a country which has harsh laws and punishes violators oppressively by making them pay fines-if the crime is not serious- will be maintaining peace and order in the country more than a country in which the crime detection and punishment system are low. The economy of this country will also be well maintained as it can be benefited from the fines paid by people. Some countries also force the foreigners to pay taxes. Taxes also help the country develop in many ways: it can be used to fix the muddy roads thus reducing traffic and jams, it can also be used to develop the infrastructure of the country. Although most of the people think it is not fair to collect taxes from foreigners, it is the most suitable decision to help the country stay stable and saves it from collapsing during the current affairs happening all over the

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