Structural Strain Theory

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Centuries have passed and prostitution is still one of the major issues we have in society till this day. It is a harsh reality for many women seeking to escape the social structure of the norms of society to be accepted in a unhealthy physical way in exchange for money or other items of value. In these types of ordeals most of these individuals endure abuse, poverty and other factors that make them come to realization and finds the means to escape( University of Pheonix,2013). Many women are faced the mortality that they have to go thru in order to repay their traffickers and if that is not successful they can potentially put their lives in danger. There is also other women who choose this as a way to survive because they have entered a…show more content…
This theory is characterized by the cultural and social structure of society and the combination of the acceptance and the means of the society. Individuals are categorized according to his or her relationship with society and if they are a comfortable within their society as well as attaining them (Crossman, 2013). As a society we are innovators that recognize in accepting cultural and social goals, but as we do respect other members of society we do not agree with accepting the social norms of other individuals of society. In our society we have a lot of outside influences that make us individuals not accept others because they are something of the unknown, that’s what we are conditioned to be to judge individual and call the weird, strange if they have different believes and values of what we think is the correct way of living…show more content…
For example, a child who grows up in a home where there is neglect, abuse, and no sign of affection or emotions towards one another, an individual will look for this in a certain group or individual to fill on the void that is not given at home. The image they portray to others and conform to social expectations because they do not want to be viewed as different or unacceptable in the social norms of society. Hirschi focused on how individuals with deviant behavior attach or do not attach to the social value system (Crossman, 2013) and the factors that influence this individual to decide to deviate by breaking the social norms. Hirschi states that most members of the society are prone to experience impulses or desires to be deviant, but they rarely act upon these desires because of their attachment to accepted norms of the society they live in (Crossman,

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