The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Summary

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Sydni Scherr Due Date: Friday, Sep.23 Journal 1 I have read “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D Wetherell. This story is about a fourteen year old boy who is trying to impress a seventeen year old girl. In this journal I will be questioning and evaluating. G pick Sheila or bass? Y bass R fish a lot/auto R important-doesn't dump rod R big!!! Y Sheila R attractive/17 R watches her R willing to hide the most important thing in his life G I think he will pick the fish because he will realize that he's too young In this story I wonder if the narrator chooses the bass over Sheila. One preference is that he will pick the bass. The narrator fishes a ton because he always practices, For example the story states during…show more content…
One way she was self centered is when she was always grumbling about something. Weather it was every last noise or even when her feet were hurting from being in the canoe. Second is when they were in the canoe she never once said thank you. She also was always talking about herself and what she did, and what she enjoyed. She never asked about him and how he was doing. Last she was speaking her mind and her opinions before thinking, like she had hatred towards fishing, and that was the narrator’s passion. Also when Sheila told the narrator that he’s funny, odd, different, and dreamy. Sheila was very big headed in many ways, but there's three main points in this story. First, she was always having tremendous parties and she only invited the best group in her grade. Second, she always wants the best of the best. For an example, she was asking the narrator if they can take her dad's car to the party and not even appreciating the little things. She danced with the narrator for only a few songs and then ditched him for Eric Caswell and leaving in his Corvette. Last Shelia never realized or, even appreciated what the narrator did. Even when she would be at the swim meets the narrator tried his best, to at least get her to notice him and she never took notice. When he tried to make it romantic to take a canoe ride there she almost seemed ungrateful as she would get settled in not even

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