Injustice In Quiz Show

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Quiz Show is a film about an old reality television programme on NBC called Twenty-One. In the story, a contestant named Charles Van Doren was competing against a veteran champion, Herbert Stempel. Both characters were intelligent scholars. However, the network, in the pursuit of higher ratings, rigged the matches in favour of Van Doren by feeding him with the answers before hand while demanding Stempel to respond incorrectly on purpose. As a result, Van Doren inevitably wins, earning fame and fortune while Stempel falls into obscurity, attempting to seek legal action against NBC for fraud and corruption despite the fact that for a time, he was also benefitting from having the answers fixed in his favour. In the end, with the help of Congressional Lawyer, Richard Goodwin, the producers were investigated and eventually pleaded guilty…show more content…
People fight for equal and fair treatment as the lack of equality leads to oppression, mistreatment and injustice. In Quiz Show, when Stempel lost in that episode, NBC did not offer him any career assistance or additional financial opportunities in the network. Meanwhile, when Van Doren met the same fate and lost to another contestant, Vivienne Niering, NBC gave him a chance to continue working for NBC as a correspondent for the Today Show. While Stempel was left to rot in poverty, Van Doren continued to be an asset for the company. Throwing away Stempel entirely while keeping Van Doren illustrates that NBC’s actions were unjust and discriminatory as both individuals did not gain the same equal treatment. One was given opportunities while one lost his opportunities for the same actions. It has even come down to allegations of racism as Stempel even presumed that the firm was anti-Semitic. If the network was ethical, they would have not provided preferential treatment to Van Doren while remaining discriminatory of Stempel. In short, equality is tantamount to a just

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