Essay On Idealism

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In this paper I will show why the argument for idealism is unsuccessful. Idealism is the idea that nothing is independent of consciousness and everything is mind-dependent. I will reject the premise stating we have reason to believe that something exists only if we can know it. By having objects exist without knowledge of the object, then they are not mind dependent. This will give me the grounds to prove how the idealism argument is unsuccessful. This rejection of the premise will be successful. As well as any response to the objection will not be able to make a case rejecting the objection. Therefore, denying the idealism conclusion. According to idealism argument we know the world only as it is conditioned by consciousness, as well as we…show more content…
This objection denies premise one, we have reason to believe that something exists only if we can know it. Even though there is no knowledge of an object there is still the possibility of it existing. An object can be independent of our minds and exist without knowledge. There is evidence that suggest that there are uncharted and unknown islands in the ocean. They still exist and are apart of the world we just don’t have the knowledge of them. The same goes for undiscovered species. There are new species found often, but the have always existed. Based on other evidence we can infer that unknown objects exist. When we gain knowledge of something it doesn’t just then get created and start to exist. It has always existed, we just didn’t have knowledge of its existence yet. We don’t have knowledge of one whitetail deer in Iowa, but based on evidence we know there are several wild deer. We do not have knowledge of the exact number, but that doesn’t mean an exact number doesn’t exists. This objection holds a threat to the idealism argument because if the first premise is denied, then there is no support for the conclusion that the world exists only mind-dependently. Without having knowledge of everything that exists, then the world would not have to be conditioned by consciousness, making it not mind-dependent. This would prove idealism to be
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