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PROCESS The process involved in High hydrostatic pressure is known as isostatic, the pressure is transmitted evenly and directly when food productsare immersed in a liquid which are submitted to high pressure (Rendueles et al., 2010; Rodriguez et al., 2012).The significance of thisis that no matter the food shape or size, there is little difference in temperature with increasing pressure, the temperature increase of approximately 3 ºC per 100 MPa, reliant on the food’s composition and structure. ‘Monoblocs’ are high flexible steel alloy which can endure and tolerate pressures from 400 t0 600 MPa, this is the primary component of most vessels used in High hydrostatic pressure. One method for this process is known as ‘indirect compression’. The preferred pressure is attained through pumping of water or oil which are the…show more content…
Various kind of convenient foods are released by a company, these foods are pressure-processed like jams, apples, strawberry and other sealed food products and two other corporations started manufacture of juices such as orange and grapefruit. The jams lasted for two months under lower temperature storage, which is essential to avoid enzyme activity. The food products were sold more expensively the cost of conventional but greater quality, mainlythe fruit’s flavor and texture, has so far guaranteedadequate demand for profitablepracticality (Ferrari et al., 2010). High hydrostatic pressure caused variations in the content of antioxidants in mango during postharvest maturing at 25 °C. The effect of high hydrostatic pressure on fruits rest on on the level of pressure and time of processing. The fruits processed with less pressure and time at 15 MPa for 10 minutes presented higher values of extractable phenols content, total carotenoids, total flavonoids, and antiradical competencethan fruits that in the storage or the control group (Ortega et al.

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