Mayo Diet Case Study

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Perhaps you should consider trying diet mayo if you want to get a slim body ideal in a healthy way. Mayo Diet is a diet during the 13-day program that was created by the Mayo Clinic's USA that emphasize abstinence to salt. This diet should be run in full for 13 days without holes. If in the future it turns out you are breaking the taboo of salt even if only once, then your diet is considered failed and must be repeated from the beginning. So discipline is the key factor in this diet. Mayo diet if you look at the program menu is offered, a diet that is safe enough to do without causing side effects. On the composition of the menu, consisting mostly of vegetables and fruits. The main principle Mayo diet is to avoid foods that contain salt or salty. Why salt…show more content…
In addition to running a menu that has been described above and abstained from salt, in doing good diet Mayo-style diet, there are several things you should consider, as follows: Avoid eating at nighttime Eating at night time will allow your body fat. Because during the night the body is rarely physical activity so that the calories or fat will be difficult to burn. Moreover, if you eat before bed, it can be ascertained fat easily accumulate in body tissues. To get the maximum results of Mayo's diet dinner then change into an early evening meal (fed up to 18.00). Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day In applying the Mayo clinic diet, you still have to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. With drinking water / mineral that it will accelerate the metabolism in the body and facilitate digestion. Due to the Mayo forbidden to consume salt diet then you will automatically be frequent urination because the kidney will often remove water from the body. This process is very good for removing harmful substances or useless from the body. Use low-calorie

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