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Juicing is easy but it is time consuming. Fresh fruits and vegetables juices are well packed with vitamins and nutrients. Juicing various fruits and vegetables will give a combination of nice taste. Vegetable juice can be made from tomato, celery, and and carrot. Combining apple, pear, cucumber, and celery, are the Green Goddess juice. To add spice to your vegetable juice, add cilantro, kale and lemon. While tangerine, grapefruit, orange and lime are the pomegranate citrus juice. For the antioxidant juice, combine strawberry and blueberry, and beets. Prepare to Juice Pick a juicer. There are various juicer models in the market. Select the one that is right for you. Have a grocery list. Before heading to the market, know the fruits and the…show more content…
After all these steps, your juice is ready for drinking. You can store in the refrigerator to chill before drinking. Since fresh fruits do not contain preservatives, drink as quickly as possible to prevent nutrients lose. 7. Clean up your juicer and reassemble back. How to preserve a Juice: 1. Divide the juice into two or more depending on the number of days you wish to drink the juice for. Pick each for each day. 2. Refrigerate your juice. Fresh juice can be preserved when stored in the refrigerator for three days maximum. Freezing the juice can make it last for maximum of ten days and it should be consumed within those days. 3. Keep juice in very tight containers or bottles. 4. Fill container or bottle to the brim to prevent air from entering. 5. Store the juice away from heat. Where there is no Juicer but Blender Blenders are not only been used for smoothies and soups, they are also best with juice. But, you have to drink it faster unlike juices made from juicers. Needed Equipment: The major equipment here is Blender and Homemade Strainer. Most people uses a pint strainer bag and pulled over a plastic or glass container, having a small opening mouth. The purpose of this is to squeeze out the juice from the

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