A Close Analysis Of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

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This essay will proffer a close analysis of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market, and focalize on subversions of sexuality present within the poem. The moment of production of the poem will be considered in order to assess how the poem transgresses against Victorian society’s moral codes. The poetical techniques employed will be analyzed to uncover implications of sex and sexuality in order to explore layers of meaning. The form of Goblin Market is analogous to the chaotic nature of the content within the poem. Rossetti engages several poetical techniques to compose this confusion and construct layers of allusions. The meter, for instance, is irregular with frequent subversions. This disruption creates an effect of confusion. The irregular rhyme scheme (subverting the general ABAB pattern) and the recurring use of enjambment add to this confusion. Additionally, Rossetti employs similes and metonymy to indirectly depict notions of sexuality. When the speaker in the poem refers to “goblin juices” the term could be metonymic for semen. The reappearing use of…show more content…
This idea of a fall coincides with the idea of the “forbidden fruit” which Laura has tasted. Furthermore, the ending line of the stanza asks, “Is it death or is it life?” and the opening to the next answers, “Life out of death”. Does this insinuate that Laura has killed this passion or rising sexuality that was mounting inside her? Has she now ‘cleansed’ herself and ridden herself of this addiction? Both the “Pleasure” and the” anguish” have past and it seems that she has been reborn after “death”. In this new life perhaps she chooses to conform and thus have become a wife and have kids. Although, there is no mention of husbands so perhaps it is not necessary that she married a man? This is a farfetched idea, but the poem is left so ambiguous that it may be one of the many

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