Sir Edward Boyle's Goblin Market

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Sir Edward Boyle produced these essays in order to shine a light on Rossetti’s personal life and how her life influenced her works. Her background and experiences impacted her works greatly. For example, Rossetti had a close relationship with her sister during the early years of her life, the author believes this relationship had a great impact on her work “Goblin Market”. This impact is clear to see and the theme of a close sisterly bond is an important theme as revealed toward the end of the work. The author believes that to truly understand Rossetti’s works we need to understand her, her experiences, and her background. I agree with the author that in order to properly understand the works we need to understand the driving themes in the author’s life. I will use this article in an attempt to show Rossetti’s motivations in life and how those motivations affected her work.…show more content…
The author creates a correlation between Rossetti’s experiences with being ill and the understanding that such an experience brings with it. The author speaks of her experiences with depression and Rossetti’s possible treatment involving religion and expresses his belief that such a treatment had not only a profound effect on her be her writing as well. Rossetti’s works frequently present themes of the rejection of sexuality and the rejection of a society that worships the temporary or pleasurable. I agree in the fact that Rossetti was deeply affected by religion and placed her morality within her works. This will be used to show her religious leanings and the affects her religious nature had on her

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