Satire In A Tale Of A Tur

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In A Tale of a Tub, he dealt with religious questions which led to suspicions as to genuineness of his Christianity. In the Preface to A Tale of a Tub, Swift says : Satire being leveled at all, is never resented for any offence by any. Every individual person makes bold to understand it of others. He very wisely removes his particular part of the burden upon the shoulders of the world, which are broad enough and able to bear it. In addition to the 'digression' that form a satiety on modern learning and print culture, A tale of tub's more obvious satire is that on abuses in religion. The satire word through the allegory of the three brothers. Martin symbolises the Anglican church; Peter symbolises the roman Catholic church and Jack symbolises dissenters. Their father leaves each brother a…show more content…
The diabolical narrative takes every opportunity to prick the pretensions of pedants, religious dissenters, and perfectionists whose projects try to remake human society along rational lines. Swift suggests that “Anglicanism has reformed the Christian religion almost to its original purity by interpreting Scripture according to reason, while Puritanism, by its abandonment of reason and its fanatical literalism toward Scripture, has succeeded in producing what is only a parody of Christianity.” Ultimately Catholicism and Puritanism are corruptions in religion for the same reason. The frenzy and the spleen of both have the same foundation. Both believe in their own infallibility. Peter’s infallibility is that of the Pope who combines tradition with Scripture and assigns the interpretation of the Gospel to the teaching authority of the Church alone. Jack’s infallibility is that of the Puritan who relies entirely on ‘inner light’ and ‘private judgement’ and will not accept the interpretation of the Bible by the use of any other

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