Short Summary: Adolf Hitler: A Failed Leader

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A Failed Painter The infamous dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler, once said “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Many people in high ranking positions or politics tend to “bend” the truth. Adolf Hitler spoke strong enough to gather people to support him, however, when he finally gained power, the people that once supported him realized he was a habitual liar and all he wanted was to rule/control the nation. Although Hitler was the cause of countless awful events, he was a leader and had plenty of power and people that stood with him. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the SS, had a tough childhood, interesting military career, and strong political involvement that led to his desire to create an ideal race, which was the impetus of the holocaust. To begin, Adolf Hitler…show more content…
Hitler joined the military because he became interested in politics by studying the mayor, Karl Lueger and Georg Ritter von Schonerer (“Adolf Hitler” par. 4). From them he learned his hate for Jews and began to believe that they were the cause of all chaos, corruption and destruction in the culture, politics and the economy (“Adolf Hitler” par. 4). “In 1913 Hitler moved from Vienna to Munich. War broke out in August of 1914 so he decided to become a part of the Sixteenth Bavarian Infantry Regiment and served as a despatch runner” (Farmer par. 4). Hitler proved to be a heroic and a bold soldier by earning the Iron Cross for bravery (Farmer par. 8). After the war ended Reichswehr assigned Hitler to educational duties in August of 1919 (Farmer par. 11). Hitler was to spy on an up and coming political party. Just one month later he decided to join the political party, later named “Nazi Party” of forty members. By July of 1921 he imposed himself as its chairman (“Adolf Hitler” par. 11). Before gaining his power he learned politics through much of his military

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