They Speak Really Bad English In New York City By Dennis R.

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Dialects are the result of an imperfect attempt to speak “correct” or standard English. Everyone living in the United States of America speaks English, but the way they speak differs from each other and is hard to understand due to having different accents. The origins of the dialect are diverse, and the source of many features is probably not recoverable. People living in different cities have their own accents. Knowing more or less about New York English, my essay is written about New York English dialect. A friend of mine, named Adam, is from New York City. When we lived in Armenia, we attended the same school, from elementary to middle. He moved to New York 10 years ago. We sometimes talk to each other on the phone. Living in New York he now has a New York English accent. It differs from the English we speak in California. Talking to him it was noticeable that he pronounces most of the words in different ways.…show more content…
Preston. In his article Dennis R. Preston talks about what linguists believe when it comes to standard English. People from New York use a lot of words that are not used in California. For example, In New York, you're "on line" not "in line", That Nut is an Ah-mond not an All-mond, it's a "bodega," not a grocery" or "convenience store". Every area has a share of both standard and nonstandard speakers. This article also mentioned that the lowest ratings for "correct" English are for the South and New York City. There will be a lot of reasons that New York is far from the standard. Even People who have never traveled to New York City might be familiar with New York City accent from watching

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