How Did Duke Ellington Changed Jazz

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Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington and his orchestra will be at the Cotton Club in Harlem New York, on 142nd Street and Lenox Avenue, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 20st to August 22nd at 8:00 pm. Be ready to dance the night away and enjoy a variety of drinks. Don’t be late because the place will be full and you won’t get a chance to see Duke Ellington. Before Duke Ellington’s big performance at the Cotton Club, he actually worked at the Cotton Club when he was younger and he formed his band there. The Cotton Club is an all-white club but they have great African American Musician playing there. When Duke Ellington first performed at the Cotton Club he featured Adelaide Hall whom he had recorded several songs with. Mr. Ellington and Mr. Hall performed Creole Love Call at the Cotton Club which…show more content…
Mr. Ellington is leading one of the most singular musical careers in American history. Mr. Ellington is known as the 20th century greatest musicians. Duke Ellington changed jazz because he wanted to combine his piano skills with different types of instruments. When Mr. Ellington first performed he formed his orchestra at the Cotton Club. Mr. Ellington hired Johnny Hodges a saxophonist, Joe “Tricky Sam” Nanto a trombonist, and Cootie Williams a trumpeter to combine all their sounds together to make a different type of music. That’s why Mr. Ellington is known as a leader of the greatest jazz bands. Duke Ellington will be performing Creole Love Call, Black and Tan fantasy, and East St. Louis Toodleoo which are the songs from his 1927ablum. The new songs that Mr. Ellington will also perform are Doin’ the New Low Down, Diga Diga Doo, and The Mooche which are from his new album that you can now purchase at your closet music store. All the songs that Mr. Ellington will perform are played by his orchestra and Mr. Ellington’s unique form of playing his

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