Essay On Critical Thinking In Education

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Education is always considered as the backbone of any society. It contributes significantly in the development of any country at all levels including business, health, law, agriculture, and services, etc. Most of the developed countries put education in the priority when it comes to rank the sectors that help efficiently the progression of the country. The historical evidence is there for us to see what happens when schools are closed or converted from places of education to places for indoctrination. We know what happens when children are no longer being taught truth-seeking, the skills of good reasoning, or the lessons of human history and basic science: Cultures disintegrate; communities collapse; the machinery of civilization fails; massive numbers of people die; and sooner or later social and political chaos ensues. Nowadays educational systems even in highly developed countries tend toward teaching adolescents what to think instead of encouraging them to think for themselves. The fact that the significance of critical and reflective thinking is pervasively neglected in education systems demands reconsideration in what to teach and the way to teach it. Critical thinking could

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