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“Every 4 ½ minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States. That means nearly 120,000 babies are affected by birth defects each year.”(1) Birth defects affect how the baby looks and it happens while the baby is developing in the mother’s womb (1). A heart defect, which is a result of the way the baby’s heart develops in the womb, is an example of one of the most familiar type of birth defects (3). An example of a heart defect is aortic valve stenosis, the aortic valve is a valve that connects the heart to the body (4). The stenosis prevents the valve from opening and result in forcing the heart to work harder (4). Birth defects cause health problems which may be severe if it is not detected early, and some of them lead to infants’ deaths (2). Conjoined twins rank as a severe birth defect. There are two theories about the causes of conjoined twins and the effect on them and their families is harmful.…show more content…
There are two theories; fission and fusion. The first theory, which is fission, says that conjoined twins result from the division of the embryonic disk after two weeks of fertilization (5). As a consequence of the delayed division of the embryonic disk, a partial split of the embryonic disk occurs (5). When the embryonic disk divides partially, the point at which the disks attach indicates the type of connection, whether in the head, shoulders, head, or within the back (7). The second theory is fusion, and it is more likely to be the right theory (6). The second theory states that two originally divided monovular embryonic discs merge again (6). The scientists still argue between these two theories, yet convincing evidence proves that the fusion theory is more accurate (6). However, the occurrence of conjoined twins, whether it occurs from fusion or fission, dramatically affects the conjoined twins’

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