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PC cleaning is the most essential thing to be done periodically. The computers that are running on Windows operating system might catch lots of unnecessary files and they need to be removed from the PC. The computers are for daily usage and that is why there is a huge possibility for the PC to accumulate junk files. When you start working in the computer, it starts to function with lots of program files. The program files are located at the C drive and they need to be cleaned using a tool. There would be lots of errors in the PC if there are junk files. Why to use a cleanup tool: Junk files generally are stored in hard drive and they will take a lot of space. In that case PC will start to run slow. A computer will not work if there are other files. Junk files have to be removed from the PC but you should make sure that it is unimportant. It could happen that you cannot recognize…show more content…
Disc cleaner on machine has to be downloaded otherwise you can be in trouble. If you are trying to delete files manually, issues can start to come up. Experts always suggest avoiding manual processes, there is a huge chance of complications. For a technically layman, it is quite impossible to detect which is the important file and which is not. The computer will start to show problems when files are deleted. Whatever files you are seeing in the temp file folder, each one is not junk or unimportant. Temp files should be checked properly and a tool only can do it better. People have started to complain on disc cleaning in Windows 10 operating system. In Windows 10 operating system, an error had started to appear after removing all temp files. Apps like Adobe Photoshop has stopped working with some of its features that is badly needed to edit images. Not only but also most of the Adobe apps installed in the PC stopped working like Adobe Reader, Adobe Illustrator etc. reinstalling the complete Adobe master pack did not help for

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