Essay On Causes Of Tsunami

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As nature is known to exhibit changes, its movements come with several consequences and one of those is tsunami. This natural phenomena to where large waves are created are caused by the movement of the tectonic plates to where there boundaries shift, creating an undersea earthquake to where should a plate boundary would ascend or descend, it displaces water above them, launching the waves that would be known as a tsunami. Another cause of this disaster that occurs naturally would be of volcanic eruption, making the islands within the Pacific Ring of Fire more prominent of experiencing it by 80% as it is a geologically area, making the shift of tectonic plate or an undersea earthquake and volcanoes common. Tsunamis coming from the deep ocean would only have little rolling waves, only coming to the surface a foot long. Nonetheless, as they…show more content…
These natural disaster does not cease after one giant wave collapsing hence, citizens who have experience such a fright would wait for a signal from the officials before returning to the water’s edge for their safety. An example of a destructive tsunami would be the 2004’s Indian Ocean Tsunami to where it had been termed as the deadliest tsunami on record with the damage around 14 billion US dollars, claiming 230,000 lives across 15 countries it involved. With Architecture progressing by means of how resilient they may come across to several phenomena such as an earthquake, a tsunami would still have the power as to washing up several homes of the residents living near the coastline. Though there are no infrastructures that could be said as tsunami-proof, some buildings however are constructed to resist massive waves and their massive energy, a challenge given to the architects to design for such an event and still to let beauty
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