Taj Mahal Attack Essay

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The Taj Mahal palace was under siege of a terrorist attack on the ill-fateful eve of 26th December 2008. The rampage that went on for a period of four days claimed as many as 160 lives, both Indian and foreigners. The attack exposed India’s vulnerability to terrorism. Taj Mumbai that stayed ablaze for almost two days and three nights now stands symbolic of the tragic events of that day. During the attack on Taj Mumbai, a total of 31 people died and about 28 were injured. Post the attack the world became aware of what actually went inside the hotel. Employees of the hotel gained appreciation and affection from around the world for their unwavering dedication to duty, quick thinking and the desire to safeguard guests over personal safety. About 11 Taj Mumbai employees laid down their lives while trying to help guests escape. It is also important to note here that the top leaders, directors, future CEO were…show more content…
For instance, as part of its IHRM strategy Barclays Bank planned to evacuate its 1200 strong employee workforce to its disaster recovery site located in New Jersey. However, the site proved too small for this employee strength. Besides the tunnels crossing the Hudson River were closed down as a precautionary measure therefore most employees could not get there. Barclay then shifted majority of its work to its offices in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong although employees had to take up double shifts to make up for the lost time. There are other similar cases. Giant bond trader Cantor Fitzgerald was occupant of some of the top floors in the WTC buildings. The attack led to complete damage of its offices. It also lost about 700 employees out if its strength of 1000. No company can be prepared for a catastrophe of this magnitude. However Cantor was quick enough to move its operations to its Connecticut and London offices. The surviving traders in US resumed operations via

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