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1. background and motivation The profound impact of boys initiation school has been widely documented. In recent study of the Department of Traditional Affairs in South Africa, a large body of research literature in the Eastern Cape has focused on link between boys initiation as well as their health (Halpenny, Nixon & Watson 2013:144). In the community of Ga-Dikgale boys initiation school normally conducted in the bush and take periods of a month or for weeks. Male initiation is a secret institution that is strictly bounded by secret. During initiation rituals various icons are employed as physical representations of important symbol. The local inhabitants of Ga-Dikgale call this boys initiation (koma). koma operates on a level surpassing…show more content…
Therefore this study proposes to fill these gaps in Ga-Dikgale village through an investigation on parental use and disciplinary strategies with children, with a particular focus on the impacts of boy’s initiation. 2. CONCEPTUAL DEFINITION Initiation school: The concept initiation school refers to a type of school that was initially established as a secret rite, which, in a symbolic sense, serves as the teenager's transit education or passport to adulthood. (Rooyen, Potgieter and Mtezuka:2006). Initiation means any customary or cultural practice of traditional communities that is used by such communities as a rite of passage to adulthood in respect of male or female children (Bell 1997) stated that Initiation is a ritual action that carries symbolic meaning relating to the social structure and belief systems of a cultural group. Young boys: (often interchangeable with the term child, adolescent or youth in this study), refers to the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood (Moua & Sandy,

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