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Football_Player245: Today is the day that an entirely innocent man will finally walk free again. Has everybody heard the O.J. Simpson had his parole trial and was approved? Sure, he has a bad reputation for being caught up in the murder case of his ex-wife and another man, but he was acquitted so obviously he’s still innocent, right? I couldn’t be happier about his approved parole. Fred_627 @Football_Player245: You do realize how ridiculous you sound right now, right? O.J. Simpson was the number one suspect in those two murders and he was in a freeway chase with the police for over two hours. If either you or I were on that freeway running from the cops we would probably have been shot. Do you even know why he was really arrested? It wasn’t…show more content…
All the news says about him is that he was the most amazing inmate. He listened to every command and was very kind. That sounds like someone that has learned their lesson to me. Do you not want O.J. Simpson, the favorite football star, back to his normal life he had before either trial? Fred_627 @Emily15: You and many others are so easily blinded by what the media says or writes. I think the main reason as to why is the media’s diction. You hear “model” and instantly adore whoever they are talking about, but the second that word is changed to “obedient” or even “good” and the meaning is altered. “Good” is subjective and it doesn’t give much support or information about his actions his prison. “Obedient” just tells you something that O.J. had to be in prison or else he gets disciplined. “Model” consequently makes O.J. Simpson sound like an angel that has done no wrong during his entire sentence or even his entire life. The media just sugar coats everything. The incompetent people of this world must have millions of cavities if they listen to every word the media feeds them. I’m in shock myself. How can people be so ignorant to let a clear example of a criminal out of prison “for behaving well”. How would you feel if your neighbor was convicted of armed robbery and assault and only served 5 years because he or she minded well and was nice to the guards? I’m sure you would live in at least a little fear about if they were ever going…show more content…
Most celebrities that get caught doing cocaine, multiple times get a minor fine and maybe a couple of nights in jail. They are also typically sent to rehab or some drug class. The average person, on the other hand, can serve up to 30 some years when they are caught with cocaine for multiple offenses. You never hear the media directly call any celebrity a hardcore drug addict. Lindsay Lohan, for example, is still praised by the media and they always send wishes of rehab her way. The difference between celebrities and average people is that the media wants to make the celebrities look like they are the victims and the police are the monsters that have to take people away even if they are rich and famous. You don’t typically see average people on the cover of products, but more often famous faces. When these famous people go to jail you associate them with all the good memories and make them innocent within your own head. The media just influences that even more by using diction such as “model” or “American football star” because those are words that we have a positive reaction to. Notwithstanding my beliefs, this argument is pointless, so you can believe what you want to about O.J. Simpson’s parole trial

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