Examples Of Marketing Strategy For Lufthansa Airlines

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Introduction “The airline industry is extremely competitive, with companies offering very similar products vying for business from the same customers. Airlines have gotten creative with their marketing strategies to generate buzz and attract customer attention. Companies are using social media, non-traditional advertising methods, loyalty programs and offering enticing perks to market their airline.” (Woods) The previous passage introduces us to what the airlines are currently following to market their business better in today’s airline industry. In this assignment certain marketing strategies used by air carrier Lufthansa will be highlighted upon. Lufthansa, a worldwide known airline and the top between all the European air carriers follow some of the best marketing principles in order to satisfy their loyal customers. Question 1…show more content…
The satisfaction of the Lufthansa travelers can be achieved through superior quality service, high consumer contact, individual caring, and people-based service offering. “Many airline travelers will focus on a low-cost fare first, but the second focus is on brand loyalty. In order to create loyalty, you’ve got to create relationships on an individualized basis. People don’t want vouchers or discounts or apologies for missed flights. They want to have world class customer service that treats them like a human being. They want empathy, not money.” (“11 Good Airline Marketing Strategies.”) As mentioned in the article, Lufthansa always responds to its customers and listens to what its customers want. That is why Lufthansa counts as one of the most successful airlines

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