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Shakespeare’s Macbeth opens by establishing an equal balance that exists between Banquo and Macbeth. However, when the two men are approached by witches who tell them of a prophecy there is a significant shift in balance between Banquo and Macbeth. Where Banquo asks “and yet are on’t? Live you or are you aught that man may question”, Macbeth is intrigued and determined to make the prophecy come true at any cost (1.3.42). Although the change in Macbeth is immediate and noticeable, Banquo remains loyal to his friend. The loyalty that exists within Banquo is what makes his character so complex. It is his family line that is to eventually inherit the throne, which is why Macbeth has him killed. Banquo serves as a reminder of the future to which Macbeth fears. Prior to Banquo’s assassination Macbeth insists that he does not miss his…show more content…
Much like Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Macbeth is the only one to see the ghost. However, unlike any previous works, the ghost of Banquo doesn’t communicate with Macbeth. Although he doesn’t speak, his appearance serves purpose enough to haunt Macbeth about his actions. In response to seeing Banquo, Macbeth shouts, “thou canst not say I did it” (3.4.51). Here we can see Shakespeare using the ghost to evoke a dramatic tension within this scene. Macbeth is unable to keep his composure upon seeing this apparition and his internal thoughts are forced outward. By sharing his thoughts out loud with his dinner guests as well as the audience to this play, it demonstrates the struggle to come to terms with his actions as well as his inability to control his conscience. The disturbing image of the bloody apparition of his former friend is described as being so grotesque that he “might appall the devil” (3.4.61). In this moment Macbeth’s guilty conscience begins to come forward and he becomes completely overwhelmed by the appearance of the

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