Should The Gilded Age Have Imperialized America?

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In the 1800s America and other major powers began expanding their territories by annexing other nations and countries. America is one of the major powers of the world, in which led to dominating nations economically, subjecting people in that nation to heavy taxes and also enforcing American culture onto the colony. America being a country of independence and freedom does not have the right to hypocritically force a nation to get annexed against their will. It also betrayed America’s democracy by not allowing the colonies to choose their own destiny. Some Americans believed that after expanding West that must explore all the wonders the distant islands farther West has to offer. One of those islands was the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Hawaii was conquered by Kamehameha the Great who ran the islands under a monarchy. Americans started migrating causing deaths because of diseases they had brought that Hawaiians…show more content…
America was suffering from all the imperfections of the Gilded Age in which needed to be resolved for the people of America and also for the people who are planning to migrate. But instead, Americas imperialists felt the need to annex other colonies regardless of how terrible our country really was. It was completely unnecessary try and fix another country when we cant even fix our own. The countries that was taken over were liberate countries with a developed government. It may not be strong enough to be a world power own like America but it was strong enough to stand on its own. Americans didnt have to come in and educate them or help them in anyway because they were literate, had their own language, had their own government and had their own culture. America took over many colonies for its strategic military opportunities and also for economic prosperity. US came not only to imperialize but to also spread diseases and took away their

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