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Tourism - Italy is one of the best Mediterranean countries in Europe and the fifth most popular country in the world. It has been one of the favorite tourism destinations on the planet as it has a fascinating history as well as great culture. Italy has been designated as the World Heritage Sites within its borders mainly for its priceless ancient monuments. Many tourists come to Italy for many different reasons as it has more than a few places that must be visited and should have on the bucket lists. From the rural beauty of Sicily to the mythical magnificence of Rome, tourists can discover the world impressive architecture and enjoy the wonderful coasts, lakes and mountains. Rome, the capital city of Italy is famous for its stunning architecture…show more content…
Food is one of the key of Italian culture as the Italian has always valued food and the food is only be used if it is fresh, local and season. Italian people believed that the Italian food and wine is a part of their culture. In fact, Italy has become the largest producer of wine in the world. Italian food has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world mainly because it has abundance of difference in taste. Each part of Italy has its own specific cuisine and that is why Italy has huge variety of food. Northern Italy is famous for its dishes such as polenta, risotto, and hearty soups. Southern part most common plates are pizza, minestra marinata (soup that combines pork fat and boiled greens) and Maccheroni (made with little meatballs, sliced hardboiled eggs, pieces of artichoke, salame, and cheese) whereas Central Italy is known for Tortellini of Emilia and the Cappelletti of Romagna. Italian food is considered because of its simplicity as well as good quality ingredients. For example, Northern Italian only used a minimal amount olive oil, pasta, and tomato sauce in their dishes. Also, traditional Italians also love to make their cuisines based on their taste and so they make their own pizza and pasta itself. Italian food and wine is important in their everyday lives as it has become significance in their…show more content…
Art gives such a big impact to the Italian culture. This is because Italian people have always valued art as they believed a country has no soul if they do not appreciate art. In fact, most of the famous sculptors and painters artists come from Italy. Italy has been the home of the greatest artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. They have such an impressive ideas and visions that are beyond the world of art. Leonardo is one of the best painters in the world with the Mona Lisa portrait in which it has been claimed as the best known painting of art. He was also also an inventor, architect, engineer and a scientist and that is why he was known as a universal genius. As for Michelangelo, besides of being a painter, he is also famous as a sculptor and architect. Michelangelo has painted the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and that has made Raphael amazed with his brilliant art. The original pieces of art and the priceless works from the common three masters has make Italy one of the most visited country in the world as people from all over the world queue outside of the museums and galleries. Furthermore, music is a vital part of civic, religious, and courtly life in Italy. Italy also famous for its art of music on its culture whereby opera and ballet were both originated in Italy. Musical instruments technology has led to the development of violin, piano, cello and many other musical instruments which are mostly

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