Italian Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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When thinking of Italy, I am sure that most people connect their culture with food, fashion, and the way of life. How relaxed and friendly they are, how sophisticated their fashion sense is, and how rich their food is. Not only are these three things significant around the world, but I feel as if Italian culture sticks out to many. While searching online for articles to help this paper, I found many that said something along the lines of “Things that Americans could learn from the Italians”. I think the reason for this is because in a lot of people’s eyes, (a generalization entirely) is that American’s are extremely busy, ignorant, rude, and selfish. While this isn’t the case for everyone in America, if you ask most foreigners, that is what they will say. I think the Italians just…show more content…
Here in America, people don’t usually tend to stop and have sit down lunches, Usually they are rushed, like fast food, or even eaten in the office so that they are able to finish work or efficiently. In Italy, everything stops. Stores shut down, work stops, for a whole hour or two. Everyday there, they have large 1-2 hour lunch affairs, and quality time with friends and family is received during that. Another difference is the time frames. America is always trying to do things more efficiently and faster, whereas in Italy, they take their sweet time. The Italian’s have a passion for eating and conversing. So the meals eaten out at restaurants are long and take their sweet time, while in America, they are usually known for the rush. They are always trying to get to the next location, faster. Fast food restaurants are widely popular in America. Yet if you ever travel on over to Italy, they are very scarce. And they don’t have Starbucks either, a widely popular franchise in the U.S. It seems like American’s don’t care about the quality of the food, just the quantity. American’s use and consume a lot of processed food, whereas the Italians love fresh

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