Brazil Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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Diversity is a beneficial factor between countries. Without this factor, the world would be a very boring place with nothing but sameness surrounding them. Many groups seem to believe that their culture makes them better somehow, but by comparing cultures with an open mind, one can see that no one has the right to arrogance. A comparison between Brazil and the United States shows that differences makes society stronger as a whole, not better than each other. The American culture differs from the Brazilian culture greatly in terms of intimacy with others, having fun, and safety precautions. The Brazilian people tend to be a much more intimate group with each other than the Americans are. They have a custom of kissing each other on the cheek when they say hello, as well as when they say goodbye. They greet every person in the room with a kiss on the cheek, whether they are friends or if they are just meeting, since it is considered very rude if they do not. Americans have the much less intimate custom of greeting by shaking…show more content…
Night life in Brazil seems to be never ending. Brazilians start their night as soon as the sun goes down and does not stop until the sun comes back up. In the United States, however, night life does not continue as long. Bars and clubs close at two in the morning and that is the time that everyone usually returns home. Just as the lengths of time these two cultures enjoy, the ways they enjoy it are different as well. Dancing is a type of enjoyment common to both cultures, but Brazilians have a more organized way of dancing than the Americans. Although America practices many types of beautiful dance, such as ballet, the only type of dancing seen in a club is sexually grinding against each other. Dancing in a Brazilian club is much different, most likely because the type of music they play is

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