Essay: Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life

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Healthy Soils Are Full Of Life “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” Not a lot of people appreciate how soil makes a big impact on our daily lives. We sometimes take it for granted, but if you really think about it, without soil, the world would crumble. Soil is made by the erosion of rocks. If a rock gets broken down into pieces, it forms soil as well as mountains, pieces of it breaks down. When soil is created, there are a lot of living organisms inside it. The process of soil takes a very long time to form since the erosion of the rocks takes time itself. It gets broken down when water or wind hits mountains which just breaks down chunks of the mountains. Sometimes big or small. Then, any kind of physical weathering would also break down those chunks into smaller pieces, gradually getting smaller by time. It actually takes years in order to create soil. Soil is very important to us because it helps us all grow. It grows trees which gives out oxygen for us to breathe and we make all types of paper from trees.…show more content…
All of them have their own job in helping the environment. Earthworms are very important because they make trails in the soil for air and water to get in. Just like worms, beetles are also a big help. They will eat any organism, including those that harm the plants. Not only underground insects help but insects found above the soil help as well. When flowers are grown, bees take pollen from them to make honey and some of that pollen goes from one flower to another. But before the bees can get any pollen, butterflies help flowers pollinate. Other insects, like grasshoppers, are known to be predators to plants, but when they die, it decomposes in the soil which makes it more healthy. Any insects in the soil or above has a job. Whether its big or small it makes a big impact to the

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