How Did Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler's Contribution To Society?

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Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler was born on Grenadian soil in 1897. Of all Butler’s contributions to Trinidad and Tobago, his contributions and political ambitions to trade unionism during the 1930s and 1940s was the greatest and to date it is still evident. His major contributions evolved around the riots of 1937 and has affected major changes within industries, workers and colonial authority. By 1921 when Butler decided to migrate to Trinidad, he had already distinguished himself in his homeland, Grenada, with leadership positions in socio political organisations. Butler, already possessing this background became a member of quite a few political parties including the Trinidad Labour Party led by Captain Arthur Andrew Cipriani , just to name a few. All these led to the formation of his own party, British Empire Workers and Citizens home Rule Party (BEW +CHRP), it was on its inception on August 1, 1936, slowly but surely Butler became the champion of the oilfield workers and its…show more content…
June 19 marks a series of events that lead the foundation for trade unions within the country which to date defend the rights of workers in the country. Butler the advocate behind these events, was at the forefront of the June 1937 riots and earned his rightful place in Trinidad and Tobago’s history. Nearing the end of 1946, there was an outburst of industrial unrest in the country, attributed to Butler. The unrest reached crisis proportions when on January 22, 1947, followers of Butler who had crowded into Port-of-Spain, stormed the Red House. Port-of-Spain dock workers as well as public service worker were on strike, while in the oilfields the situation was critical, with rioting on the streets of Fyzabad and Point Fortin. Other social aspects were affected like the Carnival which was scheduled for February 17 and 18 of that

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