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Ease of Doing Business in India Introduction What does “Ease of doing business” mean? If we go to the literal meaning – It refers to the ease with which an entity, whether it be an individual or a large corporation, can start and run a new business to earn profit. Suppose you decide that after this national convention, you want to open a business of any kind, then how fast, how easily and how economically can you do so, that is exactly what is meant by “Ease of Doing Business” in a lay man’s terms. But there is also a TECHNICAL angle to the term. “EASE OF DOING BUSINESS” is an index. Just like SENSEX is an index of 30 stocks, Nifty is an index of 50 stocks, similarly, “Ease of Doing Business” is an index created by the WORLD BANK. It is an index that is used to compare all the different countries in the…show more content…
Doing business in India Now, the question arises as to how difficult or easy it is to do business in India. There is an interesting story that goes like this: “Once there was a guy named David living in the UNITED STATES. He came up with an idea and decided INDIA would be the perfect country to start a profitable enterprise based on that idea. But doing business in India meant dealing with INDIANS. So he went to one of his friends who was an Indian, and asked him to explain what the work cultures of Indians are. His friend first laughed at him, and then began: 1. Avoid scheduling meetings on or even near a national holiday in India. And yes, there are plenty of “National Holidays” in India. 2. Punctuality for meetings is not a priority of Indians. If you are fifteen minutes late, it will be hardly noticed. Because NOBODY comes on

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